CST - Cosmologic Spatial Theory


GLOSSARY SPECIAL – (Support for Volumes I, II and Screenplay)

For a better understanding of this study were created during development, certain new terms, and the others were given new meaning. We caution with this, the possibility of small conflicts between ‘old’ and ‘new concepts’ in the use of existing words. However, the important thing is to inform all words used in T.C.E. express the best approach, in Portuguese, to the reality of the facts or observed natural phenomena.


001 – transformer Agent:
It is a dynamic entity capable of modifying a stable or unstable energy structure through the ‘movement’. Examples: vectorized Space, ‘spatial Flow’.

002 – Carrier Agent: (or carrier)
It is a dynamic entity capable of carrying one or more coded power plants or not, along with their own propagation. Example: Beam (light = universal carrier).

003 – High spin:
It represents a ‘movement’ too fast of a ‘spatial content’ any, around a common center.

004 – Anion:
Atom or group of atoms with excess ‘negative charge’ (- ion).

005 – Annihilation:
It is the inverse of the transformation of the ‘Space’ in the field, that is, the return of the ‘Space’ condensed the material structure. Generally particles obtained by shocks at high speeds.

006 – Atoms:
Energetically stable system, formed by a positive nucleus composed primarily neutrons and protons, and surrounded by electrons, which guarantee the retention of power and stability;

– The smaller the amount of a basic substance having the chemical properties of an element;

-All Atoms substances are formed, which can be grouped, forming molecules or ions. (A.B.H.)

007 – Torque forces:
Two entities that act together with forces in the same direction, but in opposite direction.

008 – Breeze Ether: (Ether)
Name used in the nineteenth century to represent the ‘spatial content’ which bathes and penetrates the stars of the solar system; a kind of “fluid” or “breeze”.

009 – White Holes:
It is the opposite of ‘Black Holes’;
They are also called “Supridouros space” as they are through them that ‘Space’ is “recycled” and released by a ‘vortex’ central; on the one hand energy are absorbed on the other they have to be released.
The ‘Black Holes’ absorb ‘Space’ and its derivatives (matter or energy) through a ‘vortex’ opposed to the ‘white hole’ where everything is annihilated, that is, it is returned in the form of ‘pure Space’ (neutral).
* They are more evident in the phase of “expansion of the universe ‘.

010 – Black Hole:
Unlike ‘white holes’, are “universal sinks” where spaces-free, condensed, inert or relatively static etc. They are absorbed his back for a ‘negative vortex’, re-suing for ‘annihilation’, ie, returning all the ‘space’ of any body or content.
They are more common at the stage of ‘space retraction’ or ‘gathering of the Universe’.

011 – Heat:
It is ‘Space’ vibrating at a specific frequency, able to get in and out of a body, and cause a dilation or contraction of the same, respectively. It is usually generated during the performance of work by a volume of ‘Space’ in the matter.

012- Specific heat:
It is the heat resulting from the gravitational effect of a body by absorbing ‘Space’ to feed their internal movement, and release the surplus in the ‘body shape’, ie form of ‘Images’.

012B – Radiant Heat:
Heat release for ‘infrared radiation’.

013 – Magnetic fields:
It is a ‘spatial Flow’ polarized resulting from movement ‘translational’ of electrons, a ‘material content’ shifting its ‘center of mass’ as ‘load’, because there is no balance ‘forces’. Example: circuit closed.

014 – Cation:
Atom or group of atoms with excess’ positive charge; ” (Ion +)

015 – Center of gravity:
It is the zero point of forces, the meeting of opposing forces vectorially, as the ‘centrifugal force’ and ‘centripetal force’ of a body in circular motion, or spiral.

016 – Center of mass:
It is similar to the ‘center of gravity’ therefore is the center where the ‘converging forces’ and ‘diverging’ of a body, as the ‘weight’ is the sum of the movements. It is in the “centers of mass” that gives rise to other ‘strength’ as ​​the magnetic, electric and gravitational …

017 – penumbra cylinder:
Shade space range that surrounds the ‘shadow cone’ of a star of the solar system, and where only a part of the solar disk is visible. It is caused by ‘parallel rays’ of light energy of the star.

018 – Elastic shock:
It is that where there is minimal ‘waste’ energy after a shock. Hypothetically there is ‘perfectly elastic shock’, meaning no loss of energy; ‘Shuttle’.

019 – Understandability:
It is the possibility of full understanding of a subject, based on the set of general information or characteristics that form a concept, which is facilitated by the quality or otherwise of the arguments.

020 – Cone image:
It is a ‘convergent sequence of images of a body, and propagated in’ Space ‘in all directions, in the presence or absence of light (see scopes).

021 – Shadow Cone:
It is similar to ‘cone Image’ in its form, however, the shadow depends directly on ‘converging rays’ light of a star, and that is larger than the body.
These cones are that the heat is quickly dispersed, forming a ‘reaction turbine’ pushing body onto the larger star (see scopes).

022 – Awareness:
It is the science recorded in the physical memory space of each individual as an observer of all natural phenomena or not.

023 – Cosmic Awareness:
It is the science of all that existed, and that there is, from the beginning of the universe.

024 – Divine Consciousness:
The science of everything that existed, exists and which still exist in the future.

025 – spatial content:
It is an amount of ‘Space’, regardless of the measure in volume. As ‘Space’ (with a capital) occupies space-volume; a ‘spatial content’ is a sufficient amount of ‘pre-energy’ for holding a phenomenon.

026 – equipment Content:
It is an amount of matter or ‘elements of matter’, regardless of the amount of contained mass. A “content material” is also an amount of substance sufficient for performing a “phenomenon,” or that compose a body.

027 – Convenience:
It is a ‘universal principle’ of ‘convergence’ of ‘intenções’que justify’ action ‘, be it constructive or destructive.
All ‘intention’ is the result of a ‘convenience’ and vice versa, that is, everything that ‘should’ is the result of an ‘intention’.
In T.C.E. convenience is the ‘intelligent principle’ contained in all events held by ‘intentionality’.

028 – Convenient:
It is the ultimate justification for a ‘intention’ is carried out, or put into ‘action’.

029 – Celestial Body:
Any ‘material content’ natural or artificial, present in ‘outer space’ or ‘cosmic’. Ex. Stars, planets, satellites, comets, asteroids, etc.

030 – corpuscle:
Tiny body in the category of just particle; ‘Element of matter. ”

031 – Cosmological:
Narrative that covers the origin of nature and the principles that rule the universe and its structure, in all aspects.

032 – infinite Creação:
Fruit of the ‘divine creação’; without beginning and without end … (‘Crear’ is superior to simple ‘create’)

033 – Density:
The quantity of mass per unit volume; D = W / V

034 – Motion Density:
The number of types of movements per unit volume; the greater the amount of sort of spatial movement per unit volume, the more dense is the energy. Example types: rotating, vibrating, spiral, lemniscáticos, parabolic, helical, etc. elipticoidais

035 – Dilation: (material)
It is the increase in the volume of a matter of content, the increase of ‘Space’ intratômico or intramolecular.

There are three types of expansion:

– Linear => one dimension.

– Surface => two dimensions.

– The volumetric => three dimensions.

036 – Size:
A ‘spatial extent’ that can be in the ‘imaginary Space’ or ‘real space’.
In geometry makes use of four reference dimensions:
1st = height = width of 2nd, 3rd and 4th = depth = time (a, b, z, t).

037 – Dynamic:
It’s everything is in constant motion in the universe.

038 – Dissipation:
Process energy loss of a system for a broadcast or exchange of thermal nature; power dissipation.

039 – gravitational effect:
Approach, removal or balance between types of pasta, through the ‘energy intensity’ which interacts between them in the form of ” images, light and heat; the main.

040 – essential element:
It is ‘Space’ in its pure and original structure; ‘Space origin (pure) is responsible for the initial and progressive structure of the universe. ‘Space origin’ is formed by the union of ‘primitive Spaces’ (primary) other spatial dimensions, which have always existed, even before the ‘original’. The ‘pure Space’ is also released through ‘white holes’ in the recycling process.

041 – primordial element:
It is ‘Space’ in its primitive structure, ie the ‘primordial Space’ that existed before the formation of the Universe, which later polarized, banded together and turned into ‘essential elements’.

042 – matter Elements:
They are the ‘elementary particles’ that soon after their birth, will be re-grouped together by resonance and entropy to form matter.

043 – Elliptical: (Cosmology)
It is a type of orbit for an astral decentered “dynamic focus”, which is usually a large ‘center of mass’ which makes similar orbit, as for example the sun.

044 – Elipticoidal:
A combination of orbit ‘elliptical’ with a helical movement, which is similar to a propeller of a helicopter in motion; forming a stroke of a spring

045 – Energy:
It is ‘Space’ in motion ‘high turnover’, or ‘vibe’ specific; for every movement density corresponds to a different type of energy. (Postulate and Law)

046 – condensed Energy:
It is said energy contained in matter trapped so ‘quantum’.

047 – Thermal Energy:
It is the ‘energy’ as ‘heat’; ‘Space’ in specific vibration.

048 – Entropy:
It is the number that evaluates the degree of interaction between different elements; it is greatest in that the mixture increases (or disorder).

Other sources:

A feature of the internal energy of a body, influenced by ‘interactions’ other external, and the type of your move toward them.
2. From thermodynamic function ‘status associated with the energy and spatial organization of the’ particles’ of a system, and a processing whose variation of this system is measured by the ‘integral’ of the quotient of the quantity ‘infinitesimal’ of heat changed reversibly between the system and the outside, the maximum temperature of the system.
3. Measure the amount of disorder in a system. [Symbol: S] 049 – Space: (cosmology)
The ‘Space’ (with ‘E’ capital), is the ‘essential element’; a “pre-energy ‘essential in the formation, support, expansion and movement of the universe.
– Its physical structure is “ethereal”, ie fluidic origin (vector quantity).
– It is different from ‘space-volume’ (scalar).
– ‘Space’ occupies ‘space-volume’; They are similar only in ‘module’.
– The ‘space’ is also known as: Ether or Ether, intergalactic gas, space-time, space-curved, dark energy, prana, solar wind, quantum energy etc.
* For the CST, ‘Space’ as is ‘primordial’ (before the formation of the universe) has always existed; Eternal (hypothesis).
050 – surrounded space:
It is ‘Space’ retained within the atoms by the electronic orbitals, protonic and nuclear, which form a thin film of ‘spatial vacuum’ that becomes an almost insurmountable barrier.

051 – Cosmic space:
Spatial region that goes beyond the solar system included other galaxies and everything that may exist as well, regardless of whether visible or not, by an observer on Earth.

052 – curved space:
Condition of ‘space’ next to large gravitational masses, as predicted by Einstein, and later found during a total eclipse of the sun.

053 – Space-imaginary:
It is the ‘mental Space’ internal and rational individual as an observer, which relate images, time and space-volume, and where other facts can be perceived but, analyzed and / or understood only a Cadavez. Its length tends to infinity.

054 – mental space: (TEC)
It is ‘Space’ that promotes the expansion of ‘consciousness’ human, individual and / or collective, and that keeps all records of perceptions of an existence.
The ‘Space’ existing between ‘dynamic reference’ (cyclical or constant) is called “Time” or “Time relative ‘or,’ space-time ‘.
Mental space = ‘Time Cradle’.

055 – flowmetric Espaçômetro:
Equipment developed to measure the amount of ‘spatial Flow’ which traverses a ‘test mass’; measured in ‘volume units’. You can call also ‘espaciométrico Flowmeter’.

056 – Space origin:
It is ‘Space’ resulting from ‘neutral’ (null polarity), which was formed from the union of ‘opposite verses’ the ‘primordial Space’. He also called ‘pure Space’;
The name ‘origin Space’, is to make essential part of the universe’s origin.

056-2 – primordial space:
It is the ‘space’ of primitive origin that has always existed in vast areas (Eternal), but in other ‘dimensions’ out of the perception of our senses.
– Its physical structure is ‘fluid’ (ethereal).
– From the ‘movement’ and polarization of this kind of ‘Space’, which led to the formation of the ‘Space origin’ and gave birth to the universe we perceive.

057 – pure space:
It is ‘Space’ no polarity, or ‘zero polarity’, also known as ‘Space origin’, for being the first type to be “created” in the formation of ‘Universe trial’. This spatial condition is largely responsible for building the material world we witness.

058 – quantum space:
It is ‘Space’ held under the thin layers of ‘spatial vacuum’ in atomic structures. It is also called ‘surrounded Space’ in TE.

059 – real space:
The ‘mental space’ external and irrational observer – where all things happen ‘simultaneously’, regardless of their point of view, because the ‘time’ is equal to zero.
In the ‘real space’ Can an individual glimpse over their entire life in just three blinks of an eye (- + 1 sec.).

060 – outer space:
It is the ‘space’ where all the stars that can be seen with the “naked eye” as the stars in the sky; heavenly.

061 – time space:
For the CST is the ‘space’ between ‘benchmarks’ in ‘movement’ (or dynamic), where ‘simultaneous facts’ are transformed into ‘successive facts’, ie one at a time in the ‘mental Space’ of the observer.
In the ‘relativistic physics’ and’ Analytic Geometry “, can be used as the” fourth dimension “, where it becomes possible to locate a body (or point) that moves in space. In ‘Astronomy’ to locate stars and establish their movements. And, ‘kinematic’ for the study of movement of a body in function of time.
Obs .: It’s different from ‘long time’; watches.

062 – Blank space:
It is the ‘space-volume’ available, busy or not.

063 – volume space:
Is the amount of ‘Space’ per unit volume, usually measured in cubic units (m³, cm³).

064 – Spiral:
(Geometry). Any plane curve generated by a moving point which rotates around a fixed point at the same time as it moves away from or approaches according to a determined law. (ABH)

065 – Ether: (Ether)
The name given to the ‘Space’ (with a capital) by philosophers and astronomers of antiquity, seen as a “subtle fluid” that permeated the ‘Universe’ in order ‘eternal’; i.e., no beginning, middle or end. By disastrous experiences, or misinterpreted, it came to be disregarded. However, he returned with the ‘Theory of Relativity’ as ‘curved space time’.

066 – Spatial extent:
Large volume of ‘Space’ primitive or primordial, contained in ‘dimensions’ distinct.

067 – lit Face:
In the solar system, it is the side of any star that faces the sun, and it receives the light and other radiation, where these parts are absorbed and reflected part.

068 – dark face:
In the solar system, it is the rear beside sunlit, where it formed the ‘shadow cone’.

069 – Simultaneous facts:
They are all facts that are now happening simultaneously. But we are only able to realize one fact at a time … It is for this reason that we need the ‘Time’.

070 – successive Facts:
It continues the sequence of events, at the mercy of a ‘relative time’.

071 – Beam Images:
A continuous sequence of ‘Images’ (single file), carried by converging light beams.

072 – Phenomenon:
Any fact, aspect or naturally occurring or artificial amenable to observation.

073 – Spatial flow:
Continuous movement of a ‘Space’ content towards a ‘center of mass’, or from the center to the periphery.

074 – Dynamic Focus:
It is the focus of a ‘Ellipse’ moving on ‘Space’ and ‘time’, dismissing the existence of a second focus.

075 – Strength:
All ‘spatial Flow’ vector able to change the module, the direction or speed of a body. Also capable of assigning an acceleration to a stationary body (F).

076 – Centrifugal force:
It is a stream of ‘space’ of the ‘center of mass’ to the periphery of a body which rotates about an axis.

077 – Centripetal force:
It is a stream of ‘space’ of the periphery to the ‘center of mass of a body which rotates about an axis.

078 – Reaction Force:
It is the ‘force’ equal and opposite to the force of an ‘action’; Law of Action and Reaction.

079 – Gravitational force:
It is the result of ‘spatial flow vector’ movements required by the inherent mass of a body, which interacts by ‘induction’ with another similar body mass, this being ‘induction’ polarizable; depending on the volume of “shadow cone”, “color” and “body shape”. It is also inversely proportional to the distance between the masses, ie farther away from one another, the lower the “intensity” induced.
Note: The ‘force’ gravity ‘is usually not a force of “attraction”, although it is the first impression one has; It depends on the interactive result.
Its symbol is ‘FG’, and the new proposed formula is: Fg = m1.m2.I / d²-1

080 – Driving force:
Force capable of by a ‘material content’ on the move; force that moves.

081 – Driving force: (2)
Force capable of by a ‘material content’ on the move; force that moves.

082 – Opposing Forces:
Forces acting in the same direction, but in the opposite direction. (<= * =>)

083 – Supreme Power:
It is the ‘force’ that is above all; God!

084 – Interference Fringe:
It obtained the effect of ‘interaction’ between similar light beams (originating from the same source), which forms a mesh of light and shadow.

085 – chance Fruit:
Something that can be caused unpredictably, disorderly, unintentionally or intelligent principle. In T.C.E. there are no casualties, at least ‘action and reaction’ synchronized.
. Note The likelihood of the universe and all that is have originated from an explosion is the same as a “encyclopedia” have arisen from an explosion in a printing – believe in ‘a matter of coincidence’ means pick up the 30 years of research that treaty and playing a waste.

086 – Greatness:
It’s all ‘content material “or spatial” measurable “, which can be measured, either width, height, depth, weight etc.

087 – Severity:
It is called ‘Space Flow Vector’ (FEV) polarity ‘neutral’ (void) resulting from interactions “inductive” and thermodynamic between materials and that, depending on the resulting resonance (similarity vibration) of the energy content of its’ photos ‘, color, shape and temperature of the bodies involved, can occur “attraction”, “push” or “balance” (neutral).
The ‘space’ is required by the motion of bodies (‘centripetal force’), which penetrates to the ‘center of mass’, and returns to the periphery (‘centrifugal force’) as ‘Image’ and ‘heat’ mostly.
Note: ‘Image’ (New concept and written with a capital I);

088 – Helical:
It is a type of motion similar to a helix, which form the outline of a spring, or a snail.

Ex .: propeller movement.
089 – Hidrofluxômetro: (Hidrofluxímetro)
It is a net mass of instrument used to measure the intensity of the “flow space ‘that crosses the environment; measured ‘ml’.

090 – Hydrogravimeter:
It is an equipment used to measure the “gravitational effect” through a “test mass’ net, which is an ionic solution, it is more sensitive to the ‘Space’ flow. The measurement is taken during dilation and contraction of the mass of molecules (in ‘ml’) and temperature variation (degrees Celsius).

091 – Picture:
It is the return of the ‘Space’ required by the movement of an ‘energy content’ structured, or structured (material) ‘spent’ with the ‘shape’ structure (body) by “centrifugal force” or vibration, can be visible to the observer, is carried by light. The spread of the ‘Image’ tends to ‘convergence’, regardless of the presence or not of ‘Light’, ie the ‘Image’ tends to the infinitely small (R => 0).

092 – Imaginary:
It is ‘mental space’ or rational viewer individual, which relate ‘Images’, ‘long’ and ‘space-volume,’ and facts can be discerned, but is only analyzed and / or included one at a time.

093 – Disadvantage:
The opposite of ‘convenience’; unfavorable condition for any intentional, voluntary or involuntary reasons.

094 – Induction:
Direct influence by ‘forces’ directed, or ‘vectorized energy’ on a content field, magnetic field or polarized spatial stream.
– Electromagnetic induction:
1. Establishment of an electromotive force in a circuit the effect of the change in a magnetic flux passing through it.
– Electrostatic induction:
1. Establishment of a distribution of electric charges in an electrically neutral body, under the influence of other charges placed in his neighborhood.

095 – Inertia:
It is a body of steady state, generated by the issue of ‘Images’ everywhere, determining the ‘strength’ needed to change its state of motion (home or not). Also, determined by the amount of ‘polarization’ of ‘Space’ due to ‘micro spins’ of its ‘atomic particles’. Calculated Pori = E / F

096 – Infinitesimal:
On the infinitely small or infinitesimal amounts, when the ‘dimensions’ tend to zero. (R => 0)

097 – Intent:
It is a “pre-action” initiated by voluntary or involuntary thought, to meet an explicit or implicit desire, fostered by a factor of ‘intelligence’ individual or collective.
A ‘intentionality’ is present in all stages of formation of the Universe; It is an inseparable condition of ‘Convenience’.

098 – Interaction:
1. mutual action between two ‘particles’, two bodies, fields, forces etc ..
2. Force two ‘particles’ exert on one another when they are sufficiently close.

099 – inductive interaction:
Exchange of ‘energy’ from ‘masses’, mainly in the form of ‘Images’, ‘warmth’ and ‘light’.

100 – Interferometer:
Optical instrument for measuring the speed of light ‘by comparing two’ light beam ‘which is projected on one screen, causing a’ interference fringe ‘or shadow outline (silhouette).

101 – Intuition:
‘Mental image’ transposed the ‘real Space’ to ‘imaginary Space’, played with clarity through the ‘senses’. AND,
1. Act to see, perceive, discern; clear perception and immediate; Instant insight; vision.
2. Act or ability to sense; feeling.
3. Knowledge instant of an object in the fullness of their reality, this object is of a material nature, or spiritual.
4. Seizure direct, immediate and current of an object in its individual reality.

102 – Ionization:
Method of producing ‘ions’ by the loss or gain of one or more electrons by atoms or molecules.

103 – Ion:
Chemical elements or substances containing positive or negative charges in imbalance or excess of them.

104 – Irradiation:
Rapid spread of a ‘spatial content’ (energy) in all directions from the emitter center.

105 – Iso-Imageforme:
It is a ‘differentiated spatial extent’ (polarized space) between the ‘apex’ of the ‘cone Image’, and the apex of the ‘shadow cone’ of a solar system star (or another star).
The planets, the closer to the ‘apex’ of ‘cone Image’, the more concentrated is the induced energy (impacting). And the closer to the ‘apex’ of ‘shadow cone’, the greater the ‘turbulence’, by reason of the crossing of converging rays of star power, resulting in a ‘reaction force’ that pushes the star closer to the larger star, or closer.
The satellites, their regions ‘Iso-Imageforme’s’ are “linked” with the ‘regions’ of the planets by the “inertia” of their movements, which generate a ‘spatial flow vector’ around (gravity).

106 – Long distances:
By definition the TE indicates that the greater distances traveled by a ‘beam of light’ for a year (> 1 light year).

107 – Light:
It vibration of the ‘Space’ in a range of ‘optical frequency “that is visible to an observer through the small color ranges, which are the spectra located between infrared and ultraviolet rays, which corresponds to the following colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, respectively.

108 – Light carrier:
By being visible, it is considered in T.C.E. as a ‘universal Carrier’, because there is light, must have been the ‘spectra’ not visible, such as infrared (heat), ultraviolet, electromagnetic etc.

109 – macrocosm:
The world of large bodies such as stars, planets, satellites etc.

110 – Massa:
It is the resultant of all the movements that comprise a body, measured in kilograms.

111 – test weight:
‘Content field’ in solid, liquid or gaseous used for periodic measurements of an experiment, experimental or scientific equipment.

112 – Feature:
It’s all ‘energy content’ condensed into organized structures, and presenting stability, absorbs ‘Space’ radiates ‘Images’ and occupies the ‘space-volume’.

113 – celestial mechanics:
Science that studies the synchronous movement of the stars across the sky, in apparently stable and constant cycles, depending on a time-frame.

114 – Size:
It is the result of a process to assign values ​​to a magnitude no. Or the act of comparing the value of a quantity to another, in order to associate an identification number to the first one, in view of the magnitude with which it was compared.

115 – Meniscus: (ET)
Surface curve that forms at the interface of a liquid phase, with another liquid or gas phase within a tube, with the 1st stage isolated from atmospheric pressure by the 2nd; phenomenon attributed to the ‘spatial Flow’ vector.

116 – Measurable:
It’s all greatness or entity that has a ‘dimension’ minimal enough to be ‘measured’ or compared to another.

117 – Micro particles:
Very small or microscopic particles; visible or discernible only with magnification tools or acceleration.

118 – Microcosm:
The world of small objects or microscopic – including ‘subatomic’.

119 – Mystery:
Lack of understanding or insight about the science or knowledge of a natural phenomenon or not. It is also limited by the stage of development or individual consciousness.

120 – Molecules:
Set of atoms that make up a material substance or element of matter.

121 – Motion: (TEC)
It is the universal agent of transformation. The ‘movement’ depends on an imbalance of forces acting at intervals of ‘spaces’, because every movement requires ‘Space’ (1 plea).
The strength of a “real intent” of the ‘mental Space’ through ‘intelligent units’ (unintel’s), also generates ‘spatial movement’.

122 – Nothing (CST):
It is the state of “lack of everything,” including ‘Space’; ‘Full vacuum’ or absolute.

123 – Neutral:
Condition ‘null’, impartial or when the sum of the opposing movements equals ‘Zero’

124 – Observer:
Individual who sees, discovers, analyzes, imagine, build or destroy everything that exists or may exist in the future;
Who wants observes Saber, Saber is an exclusive condition of man as intelligent individual.

125 – Particle:
Tiny body, ‘corpuscle’; ‘Element of matter. ”

126 – Elementary Particle:
Are ‘elements of matter’ key which is supposed to make part of the set of fundamental constituents of matter. The elementary particles are characterized by a set “spatial movement” (quantum), that as the ‘density’ movement, manifested representatively by ‘subatomic elements’ by different names. Ex. Bosons, leptons baryons etc.

127 – Perception:
1. Gain knowledge through the senses.
2- Form idea, understand, understand.
3- Seeing far away to hear.

128 – Cosmic Plasma:
Cosmo region with high concentration ‘elements of matter’, the resulting polarity becomes void.

129 – Polarity:
Universal condition related to ‘clusters’, ie relating to the sense of “spatial movement”. By convention, called ‘positive’ + ‘negative’ – ‘or neutral “0”, which corresponds to moving to the right, left or straight, respectively.

130 – Reverse Polarity:
It is the opposite direction of motion, forcing an inverted or opposite polarity of the ‘spatial content’.

131 – mutation point:
Region is the crossing of the ‘imaginary space’ with ‘real space’ within the ‘mental dimension’ individual or collective, motivated by sincere wishes, real need, new trends in conceptual changes or paradigms and other well-defined conveniences.

132 – Universal Carrier:
Quality attributed to the Light, by transporting the ‘Images’ by large ‘spatial extensions’, making them visible to the naked eye. And his presence, indicate the existence of many other forms of ‘energy’.

133 – Pre-energy:
It is the name given to the ‘essential element’ that after starting some kind of ‘movement’, turns into some kind of energy. Examples of movements: Giro, vibration

134 – intelligent principle:
It is the seed that brings forth all the possibilities of ‘infinite creação’ (*) in this ‘universe’, through the Laws of ‘convenience’, and the 1st Law ‘intentionality’ because it was the first action conscious in the early universe; the ‘Supreme Power’ or ‘Superior’.
(*) “The crear is superior to simple create” Huberto Hodhen.

135 – Arithmetic progression:
An increasing sequence, which follows a numerical symmetry.

136 – Propagation:
It is the distribution or spread of a ‘spatial content’ shaped ‘energy’, by other larger content.
Examples: FM radio waves through the atmosphere, ultrasonic sonar of a ship by the sea, the Light of the cosmos etc.

137 – Proportional:
It is a process of measuring a magnitude that increases or decreases, following a “symmetrical relationship”, ie which conforms to a ‘progression’ or ‘mathematical regression’.

138 – Propulsion:
It is the momentum achieved by the ejection at high speed of an ‘energy content’, oriented in the opposite direction to the movement of the body and which is maintained by the conservation of ‘momentum’.

139 – Negative Propulsion:
When push is towards the spread, or the movement itself; ‘Cone’ images.

140 – Positive Propulsion:
When the pulse is opposite to the direction of propagation, or the movement itself; ‘Cone of shadows’.

141 – Pulsating:
The issue of ‘energy’ intermittently, ie in ‘packages’ separate (pop. Frame by frame).

142 – Fourth Dimension:
It is a ‘spatial extent’ dynamics, which only has existence in ‘mental space’, to help the individual to be located in the ‘Space’, and transform simultaneous facts in successive facts. And so review them one at a time.
In geometry and kinematics, it is used to locate or position reference (bodies) moving through the continuous measurement of a closed movement referential (circumference) through ‘divisible units “, such as 360 degrees, 60 minutes and 60 seconds, that is, “long-time” (clock).

143 – converging Rays:
They are ‘bundles’ of ‘energy’ that tend to unite in a single point, and continue to focus to near zero. (R ~ 0) Ex. The ‘image’ of a body.

144 – Cosmic rays:
It is the resulting product of the ‘converging rays’ leading ” images of distant stars; after reaching infinitesimal dimensions become ‘elementary particle’. The farther is your source, the greater the amount of energy it carries.

145 – diverging Rays:
Are ‘bundles’ of energy that tend to spread as they propagate, becoming weaker as they move away from each other. Ex. Rays of light, heat, magnetic waves etc.

146 – parallel rays:
Fixes or lines of any kind that never meet, and did not turn away from one another; for an unlimited cylindrical universe.

147 – Real:
Everything that happens outside the ‘imaginary space where all things happen at the same time, but can only be seen one at a time, with the resources relative in only four dimensions (quadrimencional); height, width, depth and time, which belong to the ‘imaginary’.

148 – Swirl (or eddy):
Strong and circular motion, small diameter or not, that takes place in a spiral.
They are usually caused by the passing waves, forces, fields or headwinds, forming the ‘spiral’.

149 – Reference:
It is any measure, parameter, content, etc. object, which serves as a ‘reference’ to establish a comparison.

150 – Region of turbulence:
It is the region’s crossings ‘converging rays’ from ‘Light’ from the nearest star of a star, laying down the volume ‘shadow cone’ plus a ‘shadow cylinder’ on behalf of ‘parallel rays’ of light same star; resulting in a “reaction force” that pushes the star closer to the biggest star (sun in the case of the Earth).

151 – arithmetic Regression (or reversal)
A decreasing sequence, which follows a numerical symmetry.

152 – Relative:
Which depends on the ‘reference’ to understand, analyze, measure, weighing, etc., to be compared in the ‘imaginary space’ of an observer.

153 – symmetrical relationship:
Comparison of identical quantities

154 – Resonance:
The transfer of energy from an oscillating system to another, when the frequency / vibration of a match the frequency / vibration of the other.

155 – Subatomic:
Referring to the phenomena that takes place on a smaller scale than the ‘dimensions’ of an atom; Drive ‘particles’ and ‘micro-particles’.

156 – Overlap:
Accumulation of ‘energy’ in the form of ‘Images’ or ‘matter elements’ (particles) through overlapping layers.

157 – Tao:
It is a ‘fundamental unit’ of the ‘Universe’ in view of the eastern peoples; Taoism.
– Yin and Yang together, form a new element; neutral.
It also represents the dynamic union of opposites, especially Light and Darkness in a circular motion or ‘spiral’; the beginning of everything.

158 – Time: (time-space)
It is ‘Space’ associated with benchmarks in motion the ‘mental Space’ observer individual; It is different from ‘long time’.

159 – Time schedule:
It is the time space (space-time) measured by a ‘divisible physical unit’ on the Earth’s period of rotation around its axis, and its alternation of day and night, that is, 12 units (hours ) and 60 fractions (minutes) for each day, and 12 units each of 60 fractions for the night; Total Time = 24 units for a full 360 °, divided into 24 meridians – one every 15 ° of the circumference; 1 hour = 15 °.

160 – Relative time:
‘Time’ that depends directly on the position or point of view of the observer.
The ECA also depends on the ‘processing speed’ mind of the observer.

161 – Absolute Time:
Unchangeable time measured anywhere, independent of the observer and his position (only theoretical concept).

162 – Third condition:
Resulting in a harmonious combination of any ‘reference content’ opposite, are poles, fields, waves, fluids, or other measures of energy;
Ex. + = Positive neutral negative floating upwards = + down.

163 – Tetrahedron: (hemioctaedro)
Polyhedron four faces.

164 – Trilogy:
This is based on three principles or ‘states’.

165 – Three-dimensional:
Regarding the three “dimensions”: length, width and height.

166 – Reaction turbine:
‘Spatial flow vector’ (inertial) in the opposite direction of body movement; against flow.

167 – basic unit:
The smallest ‘volume’ less ‘particle’ can be in the form of a ‘tetrahedral’.

168 – divisible unit:
It is a ‘numerical quantity’ of integer which can be divided by the greatest amount of natural numbers smaller than or equal to itself, with the result being an integer. In the case of long-time it was agreed the number sixty (60).
Example 60: 6 10 = 60: 5 = 12 60: = 15 4, 60: 3 = 20 60: 30 2 = 60: 60 = 1.

169 – Universe:
It’s all ‘spatial extension’ caused by the union of two ‘opposing spatial dimensions’; union of lines (real and imaginary).

170 – dual universe:
The vision of ‘Universe’ is only relevant where the extreme states of natural events or any other dynamic reference.
Examples: hot and cold, dark claroe, positive and negative.

171 – physical universe:
Real world, solid, tangible and measurable.

172 – Universe trial:
A new vision of this universe, where a ‘third state’, is the mix, the sum, brokering etc. of natural reference.
Example: Hot-cold => warm, chiaroscuro => dim light, positive-negative => neutral.

173 – Space Vacuum:
Momentary absence of the ‘Space’, due to the high atomic or subatomic drives.
174 – Full vacuum: (or absolute vacuum)

Lack of everything, including ‘Space’; the “Nothing” (TEC).

* ‘Space’ is different space-volume (are equal only in module).

Other examples of Full vacuum:

– Perfect Vacuum

– Space Vacuum

– Quantum Vacuum => misinterpreted by most physicists, but also exists a “minimum” amount of energy (and other elements), since the quantum energy is already self ‘subtle energy’, that the ECT is called ‘ space ‘(‘ E ‘capital); See the new concept: [‘Space’]

Important note:

In the face of new scientific discoveries in the fields of general physics, astrophysics and especially astronomy, it has become imperative (convenient) areformulação the concept of “vacuum”; within an international consensus. Initially for physics, had only an internal pressure of a vessel is below atmospheric pressure, which was already considered a “vacuum”. After the absence of atmospheric gas, including outer space. It is now known that this ‘Cosmic Space’ is full of energy and elementary particles … So it’s a “partial vacuum”.

Experiments at the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) at CERN, will undoubtedly lead the future research for “Vacuum Physics”, which is the energy in its ground state (or pre-energy), which for the ECA is simply referred to as “space ‘(initial capital letter), which is fully based on the “Space Theory”; Learn the 5 essentials: http: //

175 – Speed:
The amount of ‘space’ that crosses / traverses a body per unit time; V = d / t

176 – Vertex:
The meeting point between straight or vectors, forming different angle of 180 degrees.

177 – Vector:
It is the ‘spatial Flow’ which has module, direction and set direction; Vector.

178 – Vibration:
It is the ‘movement’ of “shuttle” in shock “perfectly elastic ‘.

179 – Atomic Life:
It is the time of existence of ‘elements of matter’, dictated by its ‘vibration’ internal.

180 – Volume: (TEC)
It is the amount that any space ‘energy content’ materials or ‘Space’, makes use (covers), and the value is ‘measured’; ‘Space-volume’

181 – Vortex:
The point of convergence or divergence of forces, energy, fluids, fields etc. rotary or not; normally inside they are potentially “neutral”.
Example: ‘swirl’ or swirl cone-shaped.

182 – High power:
Manifestation of higher intelligence; ‘Cosmic intelligence’.

183 – endless work:
It represents the ‘universe Trial’ under construction in phases of expansion or gathering.

184 – Reference Plane:
Surface ‘measured’ which is defined by four distinct and joined by straight lines points.

185 – Static Dimension:
Extensions space without relative movement.

186 – Viewpoint: (or point relative)
It is the position in which it is the observer on the observed.

187 – Universal Laws:
Natural or artificial phenomena occur always the same, independent of time (chronological) or place.

188 – Baricentro:
Focus converging vectors; gravity center.

189 – focal point:
Center of convergence forces; condition of equilibrium.

190 – geometric space:
Sized space by mathematical elements; defined and measurable ways.

191 – Thermal machines:
System that operates with a heat cycle / cold; converts heat into work through movement and vice verse.

192 – Intelligence:
– Conscious action;
Knowingly and intentionally interact power to generate a ‘movement order’.

193 – Convergence:
It is a natural property of unifying similar contents, are energy, materials, particles, thoughts, ideas, desires, etc.
– Ability to combine individual parts.
– (Physical) property of a beam of radiation or particles in which the rays or paths, are directed to the same point.

194 – Divergence:
The opposite of convergence; tends to “spread”.

195 – Body Inert:
Any body relatively parked; stopped or without proper motion.

196 – Polincognito: (John Polincognito)
A “Being” dummy that makes up a legendary history, in order to demonstrate how the change from ‘point of view’ can change the interpretation of a fact, as with Einstein to deny the existence of ‘Ether’ (Ether), replacing -o for ‘curved space-time’.
Polincognito Ether and Huncognito = = ‘curved space’
Unlike Polincognito to Huncognito it is just, in the words of the names. However,
“Words are not things” (TEC).
Ie the difference of ‘ether’ to ‘Space-bow’ is also only the names!
Name by name, TCE in the ‘primordial element’ was “baptized” with a more comprehensive and coherent word, with a fair degree of importance; ‘Space’ (with a capital).

197 – Frequency:
The number of oscillations or vibrations of ‘spatial content’ conducted by long-time drive in a periodic motion; measured in cycles / time.
(TBI) Number of cycles a ‘spatial content’, performs time-clockwise drive with periodic movement.

198 – light year:
Unit of distance equivalent to the distance light travels in a vacuum in one year at the rate of 299,792 km / s;
Equivalent to approximately 9 trillion and 450 billion kilometers.

199 – Laser:
Source of monochromatic light, very intense, coherent and collimated in which the radiation emission is made by an external stimulus field;
Stimulated emission of photons.

200 – retention limit: (space)
And the greatest possible amount of energy that can accumulate in a ‘closed system’ expanding; ‘Surrounded Space’ or ‘semi-surrounded Space’.

201 – reference Content:
Any natural or artificial element, real or imaginary, which can be represented by two opposing conditions, and other intermediate;
Example: Heat, Polarity, flavor, size etc.

202 – Pre-concepts: (ABH)
1. Concept or opinion formed beforehand without further consideration or knowledge of the facts; preconceived idea.
2. judgment or opinion formed without taking into account the fact that the contest; injury.

203 – Plasma: (Physics)
Rarefied gas with electrons and positive ions free, but whose spatial charge is nil.

204 – conscious memory:
Are the records of a memory that can be accessed (reminded) at any time by an individual.

205 – Universal Law:
Predictable and unchanging condition for anywhere in the Universe.

206 – Gravitational Moment:
Speed ​​’Space Vector Flow’ (FEB) concerning a known gravitational percurço.

207 – only fields: (unified fields)
1- physics studies Areas gathered in a ‘unified theory’.
2 magnetic, electric and gravitational fields assigned to a ‘single concept’; only causal principle.

208 – space Supridouros:
Are natural sources from which flow ‘Space’ in the pure state (neutral); ‘White holes’.
209 – concepts: (ABH)
1. Action to formulate an idea in words; definition, characterization;
2- thought, idea, opinion;
4- way of thinking, to judge, to see; concept, design.

210 – Demystifying:
Eliminate misunderstandings, myths, illusions, speculations etc.

211 – Eletrocapas:
Are thin layers of ‘spatial vacuum’, formed by the electronic orbitals that exceed the availability of ‘space’ for the maintenance of their movements around an atomic nucleus whatsoever. They are responsible for the stability of matter, as these covers retain the quantum energy within dosorbitais;
(TEC): the absolute vacuum = ‘Nothing’.

212 – Unintel (TEC)
Short for ‘Unity intelligence’ that makes up the “Intelligent Universe”; it is they who provide a ‘first action’, and from there, all the others will be “chain reactions”.
The ‘Unintel’ is much discussed in the ‘Universal Theory’ that has not been included in the Treaty Cosmological space.

213 – Laws of Convenience:
Are laws governing the formation and evolution of the entire universe through the ‘intelligent principle’;
– Law of intentionality – Rege intentions that will become effectively or not in ‘action’; the ‘pre-action’
– Need for Law – rules the ‘actions’ required, mandatory or inevitable for the maintenance of life; the ‘energy’ more dynamic.
– Law of Adversity – rules the ‘reactions’ and opposition to any kind of movement; contradiction or denial.
– Certainty of the law – governs the ‘synchronicity’ in the spread of ‘actions’ and ‘reactions’; predictability.

214 – Synchronicity:
Referring to the intelligent meshing (perfect) during propagation of ‘actions’ and ‘reactions’ achievements of the ‘real space’ or ‘imaginary’; erroneously attributed to the simple ‘chance’.
Example: Earth set Movement, Sun and Moon.

215 – Atomic structure:
Subatomic particles that make up an atom cluster.

216 – Type: (general)
Study of nature in general and all its phenomena;

1. vast borders and content Science not very defined, which investigates the properties of the fields, the interactions between the force fields and facilities, properties and structure of materials systems, and the fundamental laws of behavior of the fields and material systems.
2. Body of Knowledge relating to physics, or that has implications with her, taught in colleges.
3. Treaty or physics textbook.
4. Exemplary of such treaties or textbooks.

217 – space sinks:
Are rotating cosmic regions (vortices) where it is absorbed any energy content “wandering”. Example: ‘Black Holes’.

218 – only Theory (‘unified field’)
Foundations set, conceptual postulates and Axioms starring a “single causal principle”, in order to explain all the phenomena of nature, unifying all the ‘field’ studies of the general physics in a single theory.


The ‘Space Theory’ presented by the ECA – Spatial Treatise Cosmological corresponds to that name, since it is based on just “one” ‘primordial element’, which associated with the “movement” (‘change agent’) manifests itself as’ energy ‘, and in that condensed and / or structured manifests como’matéria’ visible or not, but ‘measured’.

219 – Space Theory (single or unifying theory)
Complete theory based on the ‘Space’ (‘E’ uppercase) as the ‘primary’ element, and that when combined with a ‘transforming agent’ (movement) becomes ‘energy’ – energy, in turn, is structured and / or condensed, manifested as any kind of matter, depending on the ‘density movimento’associado and’ intention ‘(‘ Convenience ‘) of the’ intelligent principle ‘that the idealized (‘ imaginary-Space ‘); TCE.

220 – Equinoxes: (ABH)
1. Earth’s orbit point in which it has an equal length of day and night, what happens in the days March 21 and 22 or 23 September.
2. Astr. Either of the two intersections of the ecliptic circle with the circle of the celestial equator.
3. Astr. Just as the sun in its apparent annual movement, cuts the celestial equator.




. “The world does not advance if humans do not walk”