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– The entire universe can be explained by cosmological theories?
And no! Our perception is a very narrow spectrum yet. They may only introduce new concepts that “point” different ways to interpret the universe.

– For the Space Theory what is the explanation for the homogeneous distribution of matter in the universe?
A: It is not as homogeneous as well as many scholars think, despite the formation of matter always happen the same way, and everywhere; – Just be ‘Space’ pure (capital E) and a movement associated with it … So begins naturally the formation of the simplest elements of matter (elementary particles), and subsequently the consolidation of new material elements by resonance and entropy, such as hydrogen and helium.
The entire transformation process of the ‘Space’ in the area is shown in the articles of volumes IV, V and VI of the Treaty and succinctly in the supplementary articles of the fundamentals 2:05 through Dynamic Universal Cycle (CDU), and texts ” Trilogy”.
* See the concept of ‘Space’ TEC

– There is indeed a Cosmic Fund (RCF)?
– Why it helps to prove the Big Bang theory?
A: Yes, but it has nothing to do with an alleged initial explosion that gave rise to this whole gigantic universe. If the RCF were in fact “echoes” of a blast, it would mean that the universe is finite and very small because the frequency captured is too high for a ‘reflection’ fast for almost infinite dimensions of the extent of the universe today. And as many facts that prevent this interpretation, as the lack of a great void in the center of this supposed explosion, already claiming that everything is moving away from a common point.
There are currently two realities: one “before” the Hubble Space Telescope and the other “after.” And not no more ignore this truth, as is clearly showing the amount, diversity and cosmic dimension, and that there are galaxies going, others coming back … A increasing, others decreasing … A spirally expanding, retracting other spirally, and More importantly, the probable existence of black holes and White occurs where the “recycling” of matter / energy, returning the ‘Space’ in it condensate.

– If the ‘Heat’ is a kind of space in a particular vibration, what is the temperature of a completely empty space-volume all, including his own ‘space’?
A: The lack of everything, including the ‘Space’, the TE is called “Nothing” (absolute space vacuum), the absence of ‘Space’ there is no movement, there is no movement there is no energy … So this phenomenon is what is the true absolute zero degree (0 ° C or -273 ° K)

– How was it possible to prove the existence of a space occupying a space-any volume?
A: First observing the phenomenon of ocean tides, which occur twice a day, and the moon only passes once every 23h45m … Then came the question:

– If the tide is the result of a “gravitational pull” of the Moon how could there be two tides a day, ie, up to every 12 hours, and not one when it passes?
Then, with a very simple experiment (Volume III – Exp. 01 and 08), we find that the moon does not exercise ‘force of attraction’ on earth.

Then came another question: – What makes up the waters on both sides of the Earth at the same time?
We built a simulator of tides in the laboratory, and we began to observe the behavior of salt water inside a tank for 11 years. And what can be seen was that: the gravity between the Earth, Moon and Sun is a ‘spatial Flow’ which traverses the earth from side to side, and molecules of marine waters, retain this ‘space’ in their electronic orbitals, causing a significant increase in volume, as well as the proportionate decrease in the ‘density’ of water.

– Being the ‘Space’ a kind of “raw material” of the universe, as it passed unnoticed so long?
A: It’s not as unnoticed as well … Is that the ‘Space’ is known by other names such as ‘solar wind’, ‘dark matter’, ‘intergalactic space’, ‘quantum energy’, ‘vacuum energy’ ‘curved space-time’ and others, without realizing that it is the same cosmic content.
The fact now is our proposal for standardization of the name ‘Space’ (with a capital), since many do not like the name “Ether”.

– Because comets usually have a ‘tail light’ when they are near the Sun and the Earth, despite having one ionizable atmosphere like that of a comet, there is no tail?
A: This is because the ‘shadow cone’ of the comet becomes energy above a speed value, which is only attainable from a certain distance from the sun.

– It is true that on Earth, denser bodies fall more slowly than other less dense?
A: Yes, the vacuum that actually occurs, as shown by recent experiences; eliminating air friction in vacuum tubes, heavier objects fall more slowly in free fall. This happens because of the interaction of ‘Images of flow’ (see concept of ‘Image’) between the body and the Earth’s surface, because the density of the ‘Image’ is proportional to the “mass” (amount of inertia) of the body Fall.

– Is there any proof that the gravitational force is not always attractive?
A: Several! Examples: The Earth and the other planets are moving away from the Sun, as the Moon moves away from Earth; the heavenly bodies are also moving away from each other;
To get down on the temperature of a body near the Absolute Zero (273.16 ° C), the electrons would stick in protons, and no longer soltariam, because according to the formula, it ‘d’ tends to zero, the strength tends to infinite;
In fact, the “strength” is directly linked to the ‘density’ energy and especially the ‘temperature’ of the ‘Images’ bodies; (see concept of ‘Image’ in TEC)

– Because the light propagates in the form of waves?
A: Because the light is a vibration’s own ‘space’, and the whole vibe is the wave behavior.
As the light spectrum is spread with a much vibration “tenuous” and tends to propagate in a straight line, it looks like a particle or corpuscle.
Note: TEC each type of energy has its own frequency, as a vibration, spin or spiral ‘Space’.

– When you immerse a body in a liquid, there is a ‘thrust’ from the bottom up, and why not from the top down?
A: The ‘thrust’ is a phenomenon caused by the movement of molecules throwing themselves against each other, with a resulting directed to the center of symmetry, or ‘center of gravity’.

– How is the ‘polarization’ of a particle?
A: If the birth of a particle begins with the “turning” of a ‘space unit’; as it increases the rotation begins to transform the ‘space’ in ‘Images’. But due to the rotation, these ‘Images’ propagate spirally. Every ‘spin’ comes a spiral around you; ‘N’ twists’ n ‘spirals’. And the reference polarization depends on the direction of the ‘spin’:
(+) => <= (-) And <= (0) => by convention.
When the particle rotates from left to right, the flow enters the opening of the spiral, and grows approximately 1832 times more than when it rotates from right to left, ie against the opening of the spiral.
The important thing is that when the spiral is opening, it happens most capture ‘Space’, and when the spiral is closing occurs escape of a part of the ‘Space’, and the other focuses on the center of rotation.

– If unite these two spirals, the end product will be the “neutral”?
A: Yes, if the two coils are equal in size, volume, etc., but if the spins are exactly alike, and opposite directions of rotation, so is the destruction of the two spirals, providing a volume of ‘Space’ exactly the volume absorbed before, and releases an energy that is equal to ½ mv² at speeds below light, and m.c² at near the speed of light. However, there is a velocity value where these two energies are exactly alike, this is : ½ mv² = mc² → So this speed is:
V² = 2C², ie: V = C root 2
And for C = 299890 km / sec → V = 423,971.3 km / sec, which would be the speed required to turn energy into matter.
The speed obtained by the calculation is greater than Light … Then, there is an inconsistency in one of formulas, or both, because there must be a speed between zero and ‘C’ which is the transition line between the two formulas.
Einstein’s formula really is incomplete because, if the lower mass has the highest speed, and being Space ‘lower mass, it has to be faster.

– How can we undo the gravity on Earth?
A: There are a few ways to decrease, but not to cancel the ‘gravitational pull’ on Earth, let’s see.
1) Falling in free fall with an acceleration equal to the Earth’s gravity. (98%)
2) Increasing the rotation of the earth. (proportional decrease in weight)
3) Avoiding the Picture reflection (50%).
4) Adding to the rotation ‘flow’ images (70%)
5) Generating a “vacuum of space” on the body to lose weight (90%)

– What is the best definition of mass?
A: The ‘mass’ of a body is the result of the vector sum of all movements entered into this body.

– What has to do ‘mass’ with the ‘weight’?
A: Weight is the null result of ‘Images’ that turned into a force toward the center of gravity of the Earth (in the case), and the weight is the result of inertia with the interaction of other mass.

– But because this weight force is directed to the center, not the periphery?
A: Why though all points on the surface are exerting interaction forces, the vector sum of these forces always converge towards the center of symmetry, that is, the ‘center of mass’.

– Because the weight is proportional to the mass, since both the mass and weight are of the same phenomenon?
A: The mass is the quantity of movements in a body. And the weight is interaction of ‘images’ of the other mass, that the greater, the higher the ‘induction’.

– Because the ‘gravitational force’ is proportional to the inverse square of the distance?
A: ‘opposite’ means the decreased interaction (induction) as the body moves away from the other, the converging point of ” images (images cone);
And square of the distance, because it is ‘mutual interaction’, ie the flow of ‘Images’ emanated by a body exerts an ‘action’, and receives a “reaction.” So they travel the same path twice, once on the way back in another.

– What is the Timing?
A: There are several types of ‘Time’; the two main ones are: The ‘Time’ “Time” (clock), which can be described as being ‘associated divisible numbers’ the Earth’s rotation and its alternation of day and night (light and dark);
And the Timing “relative”, which is the ‘space’ between the reference in cyclical or constant movement. But the relative existence only have the ‘mental Space’ of the observer.

– What is the ‘nothing’?
A: Total absence of everything, including ‘Space’ (capital E); And is equivalent to a ‘impassable barrier’ to matter, energy and own ‘space’;
We can say: – Nothing is solid!

– There is a new definition for ‘matter’?
A: Yes, the matter is an energy condensation through the superposition of ‘Images’ (capital I).

– What is the ‘Space’? (with ‘E’ capital)
A: ‘Space’ is the fundamental pre-energy and essential for training, support, handling and expansion of the whole universe; pre-energy => essential.

– In what consists the ‘Space’?
A: ‘Space’ has physical structure ‘ethereal’, ie no beginning and no end, a kind of “subtle fluid”. ‘Space’ is a ‘vector quantity’ and occupies space-volume which is a ‘scalar’ (as it has no movement); They are equal only in “module”.

– ‘Space’ has mass?
A: Yes, if the ‘Space’ is in rotating or vibrating movement. The ‘pure Space’ has “mass potential.”

– ‘Space’ and ‘energy’ is the same thing?
A: Pretty much yes, because energy is ‘Space’ in “high turnover” or ‘vibe’.

– What is ‘Picture’?
A: ‘Image’ (with ‘I’ capital) is the return of ‘Space’ required by the movement of a structured energy content or structure (matter), radiated out in the “shape of the structure” (body) by ‘force centrifugal ‘or vibrational, and may be visible to the observer in the presence of the’ Light ‘. The spread of ‘Image’ tends to ‘convergence’, regardless of the presence or absence of ‘Light’, that is, tends to the infinitely small (R => 0).

– How is the ‘Image’?
A: The ‘Image’ takes place with the transformation of the ‘Space’ by the movement. Like everything has rotation (spin or spiral), ‘Space’ is directed by ‘centripetal force’ until the ‘center of gravity’ after returning by ‘centrifugal force’ from the center to the periphery with the “body shape”.

– What is movement, and what is its cause?
A: Movement is all that has ‘speed’ in a ‘spatial content’;
It is mainly caused by imbalance of forces acting (“torque forces’), either: thermal, electrical, gravitational, quantum … Etc.

– What is speed?
A: Speed ​​is the amount of ‘Space’ displaced by time unit.

– What is the difference between ‘electric field’ and ‘magnetic field’?
A: The ‘electric field’ is generated in a symmetrical set of “spins” (spin) of the ‘Space’, and the magnetic is the ‘electric field’ associated with another movement (working or not) perpendicular to the working plane first.

– What would happen if launch a boomerang where there were no gravity?
A: Having atmosphere, friction would removing their energy, so that the movement described by the boomerang would be a “downward spiral elliptical ‘. If there were no atmosphere, the boomerang would be describing ellipses indefinitely.

– For that matter is stable?
A: Because of the ‘vacuum of space’ as a result of the enormous drive of the atomic components such as principally electrons. This “real gap” becomes a kind of “barrier” impassable for nuclear energy. (the ‘Nothing’ is solid)

Why Mercury, Venus and the Earth do not create a tail like comets, despite having gases, water vapor and dust around you?
1st) Because of the low speeds compared with the comet. And, also for the low gravity solid nucleus of the comet.
2nd) All ‘black body’ has the capacity to absorb more energy, especially thermal. Close to the sun, the heat radiation (infrared) in the ‘shadow cone’ is sufficient to disperse and ionize the peripheral gases, plus the rays of the sun (2) on comets, especially its convergent rays.

(1) The ‘appropriate’ is the term “intelligent principle” in action through the “intent”; These new concepts belong to the fundamental basis of TCU (Cosmological Theory Universal) about to be published.
(2) Have researchers call the ‘spatial Flow’ the Sun ‘solar wind’.


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